It is possible to block these numbers if you have activated call forwarding, here is a tutorial that explains how to block these numbers 😀

🤖 Android

  • Open your Phone app

  • Go to the Call history

  • Tap a call from the number you want to block

  • Tap Block / report spam.

There is also another method, which allows you to consult the list and remove blocked numbers if necessary:

  • Open your Phone > Tap More (menu with the three dots) > Tap Settings > Blocked numbers

  • The list of blocked numbers will appear

  • You can then add or delete numbers manually

🍏 iOS

  • In the Recent section of the Phone app

  • Tap the button Infos (i icon in a circle) next to the number or contact you want to block

  • Scroll down the screen

  • then tap Block this Caller

To view the phone numbers you have blocked in Phone: Go to Settings > Phone and touch Blocked contacts to view the list.

For your information, your phone operator can also block numbers at your request

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