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How to set up captioning during videoconferences ?

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With Rogervoice, you can caption any video call with a phone number.

Simply dial-in to the phone number of a video-conference meeting (such as Hangouts Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Team or Skype) which you can find by clicking choose audio over phone.

This video shows you how, and gives recommendations for a successful experience.

Example: videoconferencing via Google Meet
- Step 1: On Meet page to join a videoconference, click on the link that asks to join and use a phone for audio.

- Step 2: a new window will appear, where you will see the telephone number of the videoconference, as well as the pin to access it. Dial this phone number from the Rogervoice application, once you are on the call, click on the numeric keypad to dial the pin code.

- Step 3: once you have entered the pin code, click on the blue cross, and the videoconference will automatically open on your computer. The conversation will automatically be subtitled on your mobile phone.

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