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How to call a phone number or a contact? How much is it? What about emergency numbers?

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With Rogervoice, if you call a phone number or a contact, subtitles will start as soon as the person picks up the phone!

How does it work?

The app will automatically open when your correspondent picks up the phone. Transcriptions will start when the person starts talking.
You can answer either by speaking normally, or by typing your answer thanks to the awesome TTS (Text to Speech) functionality 😉

There are 2 ways of receiving a call

  • Call towards any number

  • Call towards one of your contacts

📞 Call towards any number
Click on the Phone tab, and dial the number you want to call. Make sure you have a good internet connection. Click on the phone icon, your call will start!

➕ 📞 Call one of your contacts
If you want to call someone from your contact list, click on the "Contact" tab (Android and iOS). If you don't see the contact you want to call, click on  ↺ (Android), or keep your finger on the screen and swipe down (iOS): your contact list will synchronise.

How to make a phone call?

When you download the app for the first time, you can call 30 minutes for free. This offer is usable for one year. 

📞 Call towards any number or one of your contacts : get a plan! Choose one of our two plans (Price shown in United States):

  • Freedom: 5.99$ Rogervoice number +1h/month 

  • Premium: 29.49$ Rogervoice number +unlimited 

More details on our website: https://rogervoice.com/en/pricing

➕ 📞 You are out of credit or don't want to subscribe? You can buy credits!

2h = 10.99$

How much is it?

  • Calls are limited to 2 hours by call. A message will let you know that your call will be interrupted when you are approaching 2 hours. You can call your correspondent back if you want to continue the conversation. 

  • Outgoing calls towards someone that doesn't use Rogervoice use your credits

  • If you go abroad, you can still call numbers located in the country where you got your plan. Connect to a WiFi network or 3G/4G (if you don't have an international data plan, you can be overcharged). 

Is it free for my correspondent? 

For your correspondent, it works exactly like a normal call. There is no difference for them, wether you use Rogervoice or not. 

⚠ Warning 

You can't call emergency numbers (112, 15, 17, 18).
If you call from a different country, it will cost more credits. 

Any other questions? Contact us through the app! 😊

The Rogervoice Team

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