With Rogervoice, if someone calls on your phone number, the call will automatically be subtitled!

How does it work?

The app starts working automatically when someone calls you. You simply have to click on the green button to pick up the phone. Transcriptions start when your correspondent starts talking. You can answer either by speaking normally, or by typing your answer thanks to the awesome TTS functionality 😉

There are 2 ways of receiving a call

  • Call on your Roger number

  • Call on your phone number (you will need a Roger number and to setup call forwarding)

📞 Call on your Roger number
If you get a Freedom or a Premium plan, we will give you a Roger number. This number works exactly like a standard phone number and is directly linked to your app. Whenever someone calls you on your standard number, the app will open. Transcriptions will start automatically for each call.

➕ 📞 Call on your mobile carrier number
If you want people to call you on your mobile carrier number, and still benefit from the transcripts during the call, then it is possible! You simply need to put "call forwarding" to your Roger Number into place. We recommend to setup call forwarding as you will have only one phone number to manage!
Warning: Call forwarding is managed by your carrier. We are not responsible for any problem with this service. You might be overcharged, depending on your carrier. With Rogervoice's new voicemail system, your interlocutors can now leave you a voice message that will be automatically transcribed. 

How to setup phone calls?

📞 Call on your Roger number: get a plan! Choose one of our two plans:

  • Freedom: 5.99€ Roger number + 1h/month

  • Premium: 29.99€ Roger number + unlimited 

More details on our website: https://rogervoice.com/en/pricing

➕ 📞 Call on your mobile carrier number: setup call forwarding!

If you want to setup call forwarding, make sure your carrier doesn't overcharge you.

Is it free for my correspondent? 

For your correspondent, it works exactly like a normal call. There is no difference for them, wether you use Rogervoice or not. 

Any other questions? Contact us through the app! 😀

Rogervoice Team 

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