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Listen to your voicemail
Listen to your voicemail

Can the correspondent leave me a voice message?

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🎉 Yes, it's possible!

📼 Rogervoice has a voicemail system that allows you to read any (voice) messages left for you.

Whether or not you have activated call forwarding, your correspondent can leave you a message if you are away. This means you won't miss important information, you won't have to ask a friend or family member to listen to them or waste your time listening to your operator's voicemail to read them.

🤩 It's included in your subscription and easy!

Click on the Recents button, you will be able to read your messages stored in the Messages tab.

🤖 What message will my correspondent hear?

Hello, you have reached the Rogervoice voicemail of your correspondent. Please leave a message after the beep. Your voice message will be automatically transcribed so your correspondent can read it. Please speak now.

Do you have any other questions? Contact us via the app 😊
The Rogervoice team

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