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How do I set up for call transfer?

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You have your Rogervoice number but you want people to be able to call you on your mobile number (the one belonging to your telephone operator), and still benefit from the transcripts during the call, then it's possible! 

  • navigate to your telephone app 📞  (the standard one of your smartphone) 

  • dial **21* on your smartphone, followed by your Roger number (Settings > My account > Rogervoice number), followed by # (ex: **21*0900000000#)

  • you will see a message confirming that call forwarding has been activated

  • restart your smartphone

Important: dial *#21# to check that call forwarding is in place, and #21# to disable it.

Warning: Call forwarding is managed by your carrier. We are not responsible for any problem with this service. You might be overcharged, depending on your carrier. With Rogervoice's new voicemail system, your interlocutors can now leave you a voice message that will be automatically transcribed.

Any other questions? Contact us through the app! 😀

The Rogervoice Team

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