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Help, the call is mistyped!
Help, the call is mistyped!

Any transcription problems during the call?

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😀 Do not panic, here are a few recommendations to improve the quality of calls:

- Check that your 4G or WiFi connection (personal or public network) is good enough. Rogervoice needs a stable connection for speech recognition to work properly.

- Also check if you have the latest version of the Rogervoice application.

- Make your contact person aware :

  • Remind him/her to speak as clearly as possible and to preferably use simple and short sentences, or to take breaks from time to time.

  • Ideally, the speaker should be in the quietest possible environment, as background noise impairs speech recognition and the speaker's words will not be recognized. Also, ask him to check the audio quality of their microphone.

  • Don't hesitate to point out to your interlocutor if a sentence is not clear, to repeat the sentence if necessary.

Need help? Contact us via the application 😊

The Rogervoice team

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