What do I pay?

Why is Rogervoice not totally free?

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🧞‍♂️ Many people are wondering why users need to pay for certain services of Rogervoice. 

Here is the list of the fees linked to the use of the app:

  • During an incoming, outgoing, or app to app call, Rogervoice pays for the transcription.

  • During an outgoing call, Rogervoice pays for the connection to the telephone network.

  • Rogervoice pays the creation of the Roger numbers.

And, of course, we pay wonderful people that are working hard everyday to improve Rogervoice 💪🏼

For your information, Rogervoice does not manage the payment, invoices are delivered by Apple or Google at the time of subscription and at each renewal.

Any other questions? Contact us through the app!☺️

The Rogervoice Team

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