What is Rogervoice? Why to use it?

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What is Rogervoice?
Rogervoice is the first mobile application that allows the deaf and hard of hearing to make phone calls. The app is available 24/7 and no mediator is required.

Roger means "received loud and clear" in the military and aviation jargon. We used this word because now, the deaf and hard of hearing can understand conversations over the phone!

📱 How does it work?
During a call, the user will be able to read in real time what the correspondent is saying thanks to voice recognition. All you need to make a phone call is data or WiFi

💬 What if I don't express myself orally?
No worries, thanks to the functionality "Text to Speech" (TTS), you can make phone calls! You just need to type what you want to say and Roger speaks for you!

😍 Is it free?
You can download the app for free.

👫 What if I want to call someone that doesn't have the app?
When you download the app you will have 30 free minutes of outgoing calls for the first year. After that, you will have to subscribe or buy credit.

Do not hesitate, download Rogervoice and communicate by phone!
The Rogervoice Team

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