If you don't want to write the same answer over and over again, or if you usually use expressions when you talk, then you will love this article. 😍

💬 The Prerecorded messages feature allows you to record messages that you can repeat as many times as you like during your calls. 

The feature saves you from having to write an answer you usually use: with a simple click you can say to your favorite restaurant: "I'd like to order three sushi from the special menu and the dish with hot sauce as usual" or for example "I didn't understand what you said, could you repeat it again, please?"

To record a predefined message (you cannot record a predefined message during a call), go to Settings ⚙️ > Prerecorded messages > Edit 🖊️

📝 To send a predefined message during a call, open the predefined messages and select the message you want to send.

💪 When you become more accustomed to the predefined messages, you'll be surprised how convenient they can be!

Do you have any questions? Contact us via the application 😊. 

Rogervoice Team

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