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Unable to make a call with Rogervoice
Unable to make a call with Rogervoice

The application doesn't open, or I'm blocked at the time of the call

Updated over a week ago

If the application does not open or if at the time of the call you see the plane moving for a long time (staying in a "Connected" state), your firewall may be activated and prevent the application from working.

Check if you have security systems enabled on your internet connection, this happens mainly when you make a phone call while connected to the internet at work or in public places. (contact a responsible person in your company if you are not sure).

Also check if you have downloaded a virus-fighting or VPN application to your phone, these applications also block the operation of the application, set to allow Rogervoice to run.

If you're on Android and your phone has anti-virus software, here are the steps to reset the network :

After making these settings, you should be able to make correct calls with Rogervoice.

If you are still experiencing the same problem, contact us from the application. 😊
The Rogervoice Team

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