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Getting used to make phone calls
Getting used to make phone calls
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Keep in mind that communicate on the phone is different from other means of communication such as text messages or face to face.
You have to develop good habits in order to enjoy your phone calls!

📲 First steps with the app

It is essential to understand how the app works and get used to it. At first, you can call your family and/or friends, this will help you to get more comfortable with the app.

🧑 Inform your contacts

They have to be patient, speak clearly, and make sure to reduce all noises that could interfere with the call. 

🆗 Use "verbal signs"

We are used to nod our head when we are face to face. However, on the phone, your correspondent will not see you, and doesn't know if you are still listening to him/her. Therefore, you should inform your correspondent that you are listening and that you understand what he/she is saying. For example: "Ok", "Yes", "hmm hmm".

💬 "I don't want to make people repeat themselves, but I didn't understand"

Make people repeat themselves on the phone is common for hearing persons too!
Misunderstandings, no signal, surrounding noises...
Always make sure that you understand what your correspondent says, and don't hesitate to tell him/her if something is unclear. 

How to make sure that I understood the right information? 

Get into the habit of repeating the information. You can also ask for confirmation! 

⬇️ Some users gave us tips that they use, and we add them here

"I tell them directly that I am hard of hearing: they immediately speak slower, and conversations get better!"

Any other questions? Contact us through the app! 😊

The Rogervoice Team

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